Kenmore appliance repair

Kenmore appliance service will help to resolve any problem connecting with repair of any appliance. Professional repair of household appliances is the basic direction of our company.

Do not stop the processes; leave all the work to those people who are professionals in this field. We quickly and accurately will deal with your equipment and will make all appliances ready to work. Our experts also follow all the rules and standards while working.

In addition asking for high-quality kenmore appliance repair of appliances in our company you will be able to evaluate the high level of service and the best prices for all kinds of work. Entrust removal of any damage to our experts and evaluate the work of professionals.

  • Same day service
  • FREE Service Call With Repair
  • Full Service and Parts Warranty

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1st place in all makes and models repair

Our knowledge and expertise in appliance repair covers all makes and models of major name brand and high-end appliances.

Competitive rates for repair

Free service call with repair. Best price guarantee. Repeat customers discounts. If your appliance is beyond repair we will tell you.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We understand your anxiety with getting your appliances fixed quickly. We try to eliminate as may redundant steps as possible. Our goal is to show up, diagnose, repair, and to leave you with a smile!

Happy Customer Testimonials
The Appliance Repair Master did a great job fixing the dryer.
They did a great job fixing the dryer. He was quick and went to pick up the part needed in record time. He was courteous and appeared to be very knowledgeable . I liked that he explained the problem then showed me how it was working properly. Thank you The Appliance Repair Master!
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Lita S.
Sacramento, CA
Best ever... no frills like letterhead or name tags.
Best ever... no frills like letterhead or name tags, but fast and reasonably priced. We needed a refrigerator water nozzle assembly STAT because we had sold the house including appliances. Their technician sourced it for quick delivery . Thrilled!
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Katherine R.
Miami, FL
I highly recommend Russell
I highly recommend Russell - I had an issue with the dishwasher drainage and he was very efficient at tackling the issue. I had to catch a flight that night and didn't have much time and he was very helpful and very patient. Thank you Russell.
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Shirley M.
Miramar, Fl
You can't get service better than that.
My dryer broke and tech was was able to stop by within the hour. After inspecting, he found the circuit board burnt out. He ordered the board asap and fixed it on weekend!!!!! You can't get service better than that.
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Mike F.
San Jose, CA
We will definitely use The Appliance Repair Master!
Our air conditioning broke at the worst possible time - during a 95+ degree weekend! We were in desperate need of a technician, and were so pleased with The Appliance Repair Master. They were quick to get back to us to make an appointment, and our technician Serge was so professional and quick to fix the issue. Serge went into our backyard to take a look at the AC unit and saw that the fan wasn't working. He assessed the condenser and determined that we had 3 separate issues that required repairs. Because he didn't have all of the parts on hand, he made a quick run to Home Depot, and was back in 20 minutes with everything he needed. After Serge replaced everything, he did a check at each vent in the house to make sure cool air was coming through. The entire repair took less than an hour and a half - amazing!
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Molly K.
Pleasanton, CA
I can't recommend them enough!
When sears expected me to wait 2 weeks with a broken fridge before they would send a technician, The Appliance Repair Master came out the very next day, diagnosed the issue, and came back with the part to fix it the day after. Russell was professional, thorough, and let me peak over his shoulder as he worked. I can't recommend them enough!
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Mike P.
Aventura, Fl
Best quality service

We go extra mile to deliver best customer service in the local market.

5-star rating

We love our customers and they love us back.

Best technicians in the area

We hire only the most experienced technicians. Your appliance will be quickly repaired by our best experts.

Kenmore appliance repair- now it is available for everyone!

Houses of modern people can’t be imagined without the presence of household appliances. These devices are so firmly entrenched in our lives that their presence is perceived by us in the order of things. Problems occur only in the event of a breakdown of any unit. Even the most high-quality, advanced and ultra-reliable equipment will sooner or later require tinning, replace broken parts and contact with workshops for the kenmore appliance repair of household appliances.

Kenmore service center has launched a professional appliance repair some years ago and it successfully continues to do it till today. Over the entire period of our professional activities, we often had to work with unusable chips, the occurrence and completely exhausted appliances. But the emergence of failures and malfunctions can be prevented. Very often we forget about such simple things as the need to install any unit by fully equipped professional workers from our kenmore repair service, the use of voltage regulators and filters for water, preventive and regular cleaning of filter mechanisms and so on, but these are small things to extend the life of our home appliances.

Of course, failure mechanisms can occur not only due to the sloppy usage. Many models also have structural defects which can be down by workers of kenmore service. As soon as you hear any change in the usual household assistants (unusual noise, hum, leak or just a wrong sequence in the modes) - do not delay and contact us as soon as you can. Kenmore appliance repair cost is low, and every client who needs to repair refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher or other unit can allow repairing process from the financial point of view. Quick service, normal prices and polite educated workers are the main factors which will attract you!